Thursday, 24 November 2011

Increase the number of Tranmusi goin on

Increase the number of Tranmusi going on
With high interest to the vehicle Tramusi masarakat, the city government will increase the fleet tranmusi Palembang.

Responding to this head of Palembang city Department of Transportation, as represented by the Head of Transport and transport Agus Supriyanto in his office said, so this tranmusi the beginning of its operations only two corridors, with the number of vehicles early in the second year 25 then 5 corridor, to add 60 vehicles , he said.

Furthermore, vehicles that operate at the time of the eight five-vehicle road, then next year we will add another one corridor, said Agus.

So he added, it will grow again into six corridor, it is in PUSRI, veterans, arivai, in gor, lemabang, as long as there is no, it will be skipped with tranmusi, the addition will be in trying to do, it will be added later on his bus, he said.

It planned a large standard buses by using gas, fuel gas that is, it will be built for the gas station was built, planned at the end of the year was completed, there is already one for this it will add one, he said.

During this tranmusi as a convenient mass transit is also environmentally friendly, because it really has been since the beginning of our use of fuel gas, the Agus said later.

Constraint problem so far has been able to be overcome, because there is no sipatnya the way, we prioritize safe, to support the participation of several parties that we expected too, foreigners provides increased capasity, for Management training.

So the government does not provide subsidies, but the inclusion of capital, which was then in governance, there pertanggungjawabanya on SP2J, that we are doing the evaluation is done by UPTD pertriwulan mass transit, close Agus. @ Mi
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